Asian Vegetarian Chili

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Asian Vegetarian Chili
(Serves two - three if you aren't hungry!)
Chili sauce with vegetables
1. 200g (1/2 can) of kidney beans
2. 200g (1/2 can) of peeled plum tomatoes 
3. A handful of champignon or white mushrooms, quatered
4. A handful of wild mushrooms, halved 
5. 1/2 an onion, chopped
6. 1/2 a carrot, sliced
7. 1/2 a pepper, diced
8. Two heirloom tomatoes or vine tomatoes, chopped
9. Good splash of tomato ketchup (about 25ml)
10. One clove of garlic, crushed
11. One teaspoon of mild chili powder
12. One teaspoon of mixed spice
13. One teaspoon of paprika
14. 1/2 teaspoon of chili flakes
15. Splash of balsamic venegar
16. Salt and black pepper
17. Splash of soy sauce (to taste)
18. Splash of vegetarian mushroom sauce (to taste)
19. Splash of plum sauce (to taste)
20. Good splash of Thai hot chili sauce (to taste)
21. Two teaspoons of granulated sugar (to taste)
22. Squeeze of fresh lime juice (to taste)
23. One cup of Thai jasmine rice
24. A handfull of cashew nuts
25. Two leaves of iceberg lettuce, chopped
26. 25g of mature chedder cheese
27. Six cherry tomatoes, halved
1. Sweat the onion in a saucepan in a splash of olive oil. Use a medium heat and keep sweating the onion until it is translucent.
2. Add wild mushrooms, white mushrooms, pepper, carrot and kidney beans, increase the heat and fry with the onion.
3. Add the garlic, and continue for about 3-5 minutes until the mushrooms are slightly browned.
4. Add the half-can of peeled plum tomatoes with liquid and also add the chopped tomatoes. Immediately add the chili powder, mixed spices, paprika and chili flakes and reduce over a medium heat for about 5-10 minutes.
5. Add tomato ketchup to thicken the sauce, then a little balsamic vinegar to taste. Season with a couple of pinches of salt and a grind or two of black pepper.
6. To add an Asian fusion flavour, add a squeeze of fresh lime juice, extra seasoning with the soy sauce, sugar, mushroom sauce and plum sauce. Asian cooking involves adding and balancing these flavours until you hit something you like. To do this, add small amounts of each of the ingredients one at a time, and then stirring and tasting with a teaspoon. Keep adding and tasting until you hit a flavour you like >_<. Then raise the spicy heat of your vegetable chili to the limit of your endurance by adding some Thai chili sauce (careful - it is very hot!).
7. Serve with lettuce, cashew nuts, halved cherry tomatos, Thai jasmine rice and grated mature chedder cheese.
8. Enjoy! (eating of course with a fork and spoon!) 
[Without cheese]
[With (lots) of cheese!!]
Lovely dinner for two >___<
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